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Agentless Mode

To utilize the Agentless mode, you need to modify your request by adding specific headers. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Start with the original request you want to make, for example:

  2. Add the following headers to your request:

    • x-lunar-scheme: Set this header to the original scheme of the request, in this case, https.
    • host: Set this header to the host you want to communicate with, in this case,

    Your modified request should now include these headers.

  3. Change the URL of your request to the following format:

Replace lunar_proxy_address with the DNS or IP address of the Lunar Proxy, and lunar_proxy_port with the port number on which the Lunar Proxy is listening.

For example, if the Lunar Proxy's address is and it's listening on port 8000, your modified URL would be:

curl -i -H "host:" -H "x-lunar-scheme: https"

By adding the necessary headers and modifying the URL as described, the request will be correctly routed through the Agentless mode of Lunar Proxy.

Please make sure to adjust the values of x-lunar-scheme, host, lunar_proxy_address, and lunar_proxy_port according to your specific setup and requirements.

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