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Supported OS

Lunar Proxy is designed to run on Linux and macOS operating systems. The supported CPU architectures include x86_64 and ARM64.

If you encounter any challenges during the installation process or have inquiries, feel free to reach out to the Lunar support team for prompt assistance and guidance at

Initiate Graceful Shutdown

When the Lunar Proxy process receives the SIGTERM signal, it initiates a graceful stop procedure. This procedure involves unbinding from listening ports while allowing existing connections to continue until they are closed. Only after the last connection is closed does the process finally exit.


The log files for Lunar Proxy are located at /var/log/lunar-proxy. Here is a list of the specific log files and their purposes:

  • discovery-output-plugin.log: This log file contains the logs related to the discover functionality.

  • fluent-bit.log: This log file contains the logs generated by Fluent Bit, which is a data-exporters used in Lunar Proxy.

  • haproxy.log: This log file contains the logs specific to the Haproxy component of Lunar Proxy.

  • lunar-engine.log: This log file contains the logs related to the Lunar Engine, which is the core component of Lunar Proxy. You can find the relevant logs in these files to troubleshoot and analyze the behavior of Lunar Proxy.


If Lunar Proxy stops unexpectedly, our interceptors provide failsafe mechanism, ensuring that our system maintains 100% reliability.

System Tuning

Since Lunar Proxy is built on top of HAProxy, it is appropriate for us to consider their recommendations regarding system tuning.

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