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Data Exporters

Lunar's Diagnosis Plugins are responsible for extracting and diagnosing data from HTTP/S traffic, ensuring thorough analysis of your system. However, to utilize data and ensure a thorough analysis from HTTP/Traffic, data needs to be exported to a destination of your choice

Whether you're looking to export data to an S3 bucket, a file, or utilize Prometheus for metric collection, Lunar offers several solutions.

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Functionality and Usage

When a Diagnosis policy is defined on an endpoint, its transaction data is sent to Lunar Engine, then the data is asynchronously processed to generate insightful information. Once the processing is complete, the processed results is exported to the selected export location.

The exported data can be utilized in various ways, such as:

  1. Storage: The processed data can be stored in a database or data warehouse for future analysis, reporting, or archival purposes. It provides a historical record that can be queried and accessed as needed.
  2. Visualization: The exported data can be used to generate visual representations like charts, graphs, or dashboards. These visualizations can help in understanding patterns, trends, or anomalies present in the data.
  3. Monitoring: The processed information can be used for real-time monitoring and alerting. It can be configured to trigger notifications or alerts when certain conditions or thresholds are met, allowing timely actions to be taken.
  4. Reporting: The exported data can be utilized for generating comprehensive reports that provide insights into various aspects of the diagnosis. These reports can be shared with stakeholders, such as healthcare professionals or administrators, to aid in decision-making processes.
  5. Integration: The processed data can be integrated with other systems or applications to enhance their functionality. For example, it can be used to enrich a patient's electronic health record or feed into an artificial intelligence system for further analysis or prediction.
  6. Analytics: The exported data can be utilized for performing advanced analytics and data mining. By applying various statistical and machine learning techniques, organizations can uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and trends within the data. This can lead to valuable insights and inform decision-making processes across a wide range of industries, such as finance, marketing, supply chain management, and customer behavior analysis.
  7. Research: The exported data can be anonymized and used for research purposes. Researchers can leverage the insights gained from the processed information.

Lunars Exporters

Lunar provides versatile solutions to meet your data export requirements.

With Lunar, you have the flexibility to choose the export destination that best suits your needs.

Amazon S3

If you prefer to store the exported data in an S3 bucket, Lunar seamlessly integrates with Amazon S3, allowing you to securely store and access your data in a scalable and reliable manner.


If you prefer a file-based export approach, Lunar supports exporting data to various file formats. Whether you need CSV, JSON, XML, or any other file format, Lunar can generate the exported data in the format of your choice.


If you want to leverage Prometheus for metric collection, Lunar offers seamless integration. You can configure Lunar to export the relevant diagnostic metrics to Prometheus, enabling you to monitor and analyze the performance and health of your systems.

No matter which export option you choose

Lunar empowers users with comprehensive diagnosis and research capabilities, providing the tools needed to make informed remediations and ensure optimal system performance.

Whether you choose the S3 Exporter, File Exporter, or Prometheus integration, Lunar offers flexibility, reliability, and powerful insights.

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