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Version: 0.8.x

Direct Mode

To leverage Direct Mode, your HTTP requests require simple modifications.

Follow these steps for setup:

Step 1: Prepare Your Request

Start with the request you wish to make, for example,

Step 2: Add Necessary Headers

Incorporate the following headers into your request:

  • x-lunar-scheme: Reflects the original scheme of your request. For HTTPS requests, use https.
  • host: The host you intend to communicate with, such as for the given example.

Your request now should carry these additional headers.

Step 3: Modify the Request URL

Alter the URL of your request to route through the Lunar Proxy. Use the format: http://lunar_proxy_address:lunar_proxy_port/original/request/path

Replace lunar_proxy_address with the DNS or IP of the Lunar Proxy, and lunar_proxy_port with the listening port number.

For instance, with the Lunar Proxy at localhost and port 8000, the modified URL for our example would be:

curl -i -H "host:" -H "x-lunar-scheme: https" http://localhost:8000/fact

Step 4: Execute Your Request

With the headers added and the URL adjusted, send your request. Direct Mode will ensure it's efficiently directed to the intended destination while preserving the original scheme and host.

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