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Version: 0.8.x

Lunar Proxy

The Lunar Proxy component enables users to address challenges related to 3rd party APIs. The Lunar API proxy enables functionalities for full discovery of all 3rd Party APIs, easy detection and diagnosis of performance issues, and the ability to fix and remediate in production.

Requests sent to Lunar Proxy are forwarded to the API provider.

Lunar Proxy receives HTTP/S requests forwarded by Lunar's Interceptor(s) and forwards them to the API provider.

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How the Lunar Proxy Works

When a diagnosis or remedy policy is defined on an endpoint, its transaction data is sent to a Stream Processing Offload Agent.
This data is processed asynchronously to generate insightful information.

For example, the response_based_throttling remedy blocks clients from overconsuming APIs and imposing stricter quotas. It achieves this by storing and serving rate limit responses for the remainder of the rate limit window. The caching remedy allows responses to be cached based on request similarity.

Even when no policies are defined, Lunar Proxy seamlessly forwards traffic and generates Discovered Endpoint Metrics, including latency and status code metrics grouped by endpoint.



Troubleshooting and FAQs

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