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Welcome to Lunar

Hi, and welcome 👋

Unmanaged 3rd party APIs are costing you money, long dev hours and unmet SLAs. With Lunar, build resilience, unify and control your API consumption strategy on the fly.

Lunar's installation process takes only 5 minutes, and with the combination of Lunar's Proxy and Interceptor, Lunar easily enables detection and discovery and through diagnose plugins, and fixing through remedy plugins.

"Modified design elements from [Tool] Cloud Diagram Activity, Figma Community Resources Original resource: Creator: Scaleway Copyright © Scaleway Licensed under CC BY 4.0,"

Who is Lunar For?

  • Lunar is agnostic to your consumed APIs, we are not limiting our users in using specific plugins for specific API providers.

  • Its modular approach ensure optimal user experience - simply create a simple YAML file through your terminal and activate your diagnose and remedy plugins.

  • Lunar is the only tool focusing on managing and optimizing outgoing traffic of 3rd party API call, setting an alternative to iPaaSs that provide simple API connectors.

  • Lunar exists by devs for devs. Lunar encourages developers to contribute to its growth and improvement. Collective contributions and feedback will enhance the creation of more plugins ready and available for devs to build and share.

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