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Version: 0.10.x

Welcome toΒ Lunar

Hi there! πŸ‘‹ Welcome to, your go-to solution for API Consumption Management. Unleash the power of third-party APIs while keeping costs, performance, and scalability in check.

What is Lunar?​

Unmanaged 3rd party APIs can lead to unforeseen costs and performance issues. Lunar addresses these challenges as an egress proxy – a real-time, unified API consumption management tool that efficiently manages outgoing API traffic without requiring any code changes.

Lunar's installation process takes just 5 minutes. With Lunar's Proxy and Interceptor, you get seamless detection and discovery through diagnose plugins and quick fixes via remedy plugins. Explore the key features of Lunar's Proxy and Interceptor below.

Why Lunar?​

Developers and organizations often face issues due to unmanaged API consumption, leading to poor performance and high costs. Lunar provides a solution – a real-time, unified API management tool with no code changes required.

Lunar enables teams to:

  • Unify the management of 3rd party API consumption in production.

  • Discover and fix performance issues in real time.

  • Build resilience, enforce new policies, and create custom plugins.

With Lunar, developers can fully control and configure policies according to their needs. Lunar comes with a set of plugins and integrates into existing environments through its API-proxy based architecture. It optimizes outgoing traffic and provides out-of-the-box support for all 3rd party APIs without compromising overall latency and performance.

Who is Lunar For?​

Lunar is designed for a variety of users:

API Consumers​

  • Lunar is agnostic to your consumed APIs; no limitations on specific plugins for specific API providers.

  • Its modular approach ensures an optimal user experience. Create a simple YAML file through your terminal and activate diagnose and remedy plugins.


  • Lunar specializes in the management and optimization of outbound traffic for third-party API calls, offering a distinct approach compared to conventional iPaaS solutions that rely on straightforward API connectors.

Lunar Contributors​

  • Lunar exists for devs by devs. Contribute to its growth and improvement by enhancing the creation of more plugins ready for devs to build and share on our open-source repository.Β Β 

Lunar in your stack​

Lunar Diagram

Integrated seamlessly into your architecture, Lunar utilizes two main components:

  1. Lunar Interceptor: A crucial component in API traffic management, the Lunar Interceptor is a lightweight HTTP/S interceptor that captures API requests before encryption. It offers tailored control by efficiently directing specific API calls to the Lunar Proxy, based on configurable allow lists or all outgoing traffic. This selective approach ensures precise handling and optimal routing of API interactions, aligning with diverse development needs. The Lunar Interceptor is available in two forms:
  • SDK Installation: For developers, the SDK Installation is akin to a versatile language bridge. It seamlessly integrates Lunar Core into your existing codebase, supporting multiple programming languages. The SDK offers language-specific libraries and tools, facilitating smooth implementation.

  • eBPF Interceptor: In scenarios demanding efficient traffic control within a cluster, the eBPF Interceptor comes into play. Harnessing the power of Extended Berkeley Packet Filters (eBPF), it efficiently intercepts and manipulates network traffic, guaranteeing seamless integration and operation.

  1. Lunar Proxy: Lunar Proxy, built upon the HAProxy Project, serves as a sophisticated API intermediary, facilitating communication between your system and external API providers. Unlike simple forwarding, it thoroughly inspects the details of API requests and responses, pinpointing areas for optimization. This scrutiny enhances precision and provides valuable insights into potential bottlenecks and risks in API usage, giving users a deeper understanding and control over their interactions.

By enabling policy enforcement at the application level, Lunar empowers developers to create highly efficient, secure, and optimized environments for consuming external APIs.

Explore Lunar's UI Dashboard​

The Lunar Control Plane is a fully self-serve graphical user interface for integrating with Lunar. Gain valuable insights into your API consumption landscape, monitor performance, and optimize your API usage. Learn more here.

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