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Version: 0.10.x

Lunar Control Plane

The Lunar Control Plane is a graphical user interface (GUI) designed to streamline API management tasks within the ecosystem. Seamlessly integrated with, it provides advanced observability and management functionalities to enhance your API usage.


Here are some of the things you can do with the Control Plane:

  • Simplified installation of Lunar Proxy and Lunar Interceptors
  • Detailed monitoring of total API calls
  • Check error rates for anomalies
  • Optimization of latency with average runtime per API
  • Comprehensive monitoring of status code distribution for all responses
  • Ability to drill down and explore API functionality and endpoint performance
  • View library of all available plugins and policies follow easy installation steps

Getting started with the Control Plane

Go to the Lunar Control Plane and sign up or sign in. Follow the installation instructions for hooking up a connection to the Lunar Proxy and installing a Lunar Interceptor.

For a video walkthrough of installing the Proxy and Interceptor through the Control Plane, you can watch here.

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